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Random Name Picker is a free web-based application that lets you pick a random name using Spin Wheel and Slot Machine. It is simple and easy to use and can be customize by changing the names to whatever you like. You do not need to download or install any plugins/software as it is based on HTML5, so a modern browser (e.g Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome) is all you need.

Aside from tools to pick names randomly, we also have other web-based generators that involve around names like Name Bingo, Name Search Puzzle, Seating Chart, Name Label and more. We believe these additional tools will help you maximize the use of the namesets that you created on our site for the Spin Wheel and Slot Machine apps.

Pick Random Name using Spin Wheel

Spin wheel screen grab 4b004941bede8638e38ec96c629bcc09fabc9e7b775e5d30ddd9aa8011530a0d

The Spin Wheel makes it easy to pick names randomly. Features includes sounds, removing winners and fast or normal spin.

Pick Random Name using Slot Machine

Slot machine screen grab 7400dc97a04cb35400108aaa505b78943dea75242a217f8ede6c748253e187de

The Slot Machine also lets you pick names randomly. Features includes sounds, removing winners and simple, yet user-friendly interface.

Generate Bingo Cards

Bingo card generator ac0787fdff089316f4eb659ba5c5bf6b65ff02a841017c3912a292837c1d1591

Use the Bingo Card Generator to generate bingo card with your set of names. Print however many cards you like.

Create Name Search Puzzle

Name search puzzle screen grab 06f95c1ab8349fc86b0e8ae0ddb30cba2baaaff487a4f077bfd39f509d359e53

Use the Name Search Puzzle Generator to create word puzzle using your set of names. You can change the dimensions and difficulty levels.

Create Seating Chart

Seating chart screen grab 8e9fa38633bcdedabf10f4e2d85df8644ea89a7f38a8018715e8bb690692a600

Use the Seating Chart Generator to create class seating arrangements. You can arrange by random or by alphabet.

Name Label Maker

Name label maker baf307474f5e2b6434a677f143969250c315b624feb2be1a13b81474ac428716

Use the Name Label Maker to create labels. Lots of backgrounds to choose from and fonts can be change too.

Create Groups using Team Generator

Team generator screen grab 1b0b547107b79725e669f30bb7fc16b94de40a6f77dd1e0d8698bfad4d2f2b56

Create Groups using the Team Generator. This makes it easy to assign somebody to a group randomly.

Select Names using Name Generator

Name generator screen grab 7a499828982514565fa9419bf53485309d644064ca25e5bbc11b981a409b3cfa

Pick names using the Name Generator. Option includes first, middle and last names and gender.

Generate Name Worksheet

Name worksheet 69d31b886ae3114969db517a556fa7f4e6b0a6f7459e962956f30b7d913b5c7c

Use the Name Worksheet to generate worksheet using the set of names. Select the style and print - easy-peasy.